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North America will Dominate the Cloud Identity Access Management Market

North America will dominate the Cloud Identity Access Management Market during the forecast period. This is followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is expected to show the highest growth due to the factors such as adoption of cloud by SMEs in the region and development in enterprise IT infrastructure. Regulatory reforms and economic stability are also responsible for the growth of the cloud identity access management in Asia Pacific.

Selected Regulatory Analysis Done in the Full Report:

BFSI, IT & Telecom, and retail will have the largest share in the Cloud identity access management market in the forecast period. Banking, financial services, and insurance sector organisations are using cyber security solutions for detecting, monitoring, and countering cyber threats. Based on the deployment type, the private cloud will dominate the market due to growing security risks when compared to the public cloud and hybrid cloud.

Selected Driving Factors Mentioned in the Full Report

  • Increasing number of cyber attacks and centralized security and management will enhance the cloud identity management.
  • Growing popularity of BYOD(bring your own devices) in developing countries will catalyse the demand for IAM cloud.
  • Government regulations will propel the growth of cloud management in the forecast period.
  • Increasing demand for distributed software applications across industries will accelerate the growth of IAM cloud.

To access/purchase the full report, click the link below:

Key Players of the Cloud Identity Access Management Market Centrify Corporation, Fischer International Identity, Identacor, Microsoft Corporation are the key players of the Cloud identity access management market. Centrify Corporation secures a users’ access to apps, SSO, and mobility management. Fischer International Identity can eliminate programming and customizations and reduces the time needed to provide the solutions. Identacor is a cloud based identity and access management platform that can give you access to your company’s web applications. Microsoft Corporation’s cloud computing business Azure has been reaching new heights recently. Its robust performance is a positive development for Microsoft. Azure has delivered a $6.9 billion revenue for the company.

The Cloud Identity Access Management Market is Segmented as Indicated Below:

Increasing demand for multifactor authorization will drive the growth of the cloud identity access management market.

A. Cloud Identity Access Management Market By Services 1. Introduction2. Directory services3. Access management4. User provisioning5. Password management6. Governance7. Multi factor authentication8. Single Sign-On9. Audit Compliance and Governance Management10. Others

B. Cloud Identity Access Management Market By Deployment Type 1. Private Cloud2. Public Cloud3. Hybrid

C. Cloud Identity Access Management Market By Industry1. Introduction2. It and telecom3. Banking, Insurance and Financial Services4. Oil & Gas and Energy5. Manufacturing6. Health care7. Media and entertainment8. Education 9. others

D. Cloud Identity Access Management Market By Geography (13+ countries)E. Cloud Identity Access Management Market EntropyF. Company Profiles

1. AppDirect2. Beta Systems Software3. Bitium4. CA Technologies5. Centrify Corporation6. CloudAccess7. Covisint8. Dell Inc.9. EMC Corporation10. EmpowerID11. Fischer International Identity12. Foxpass13. Hewlett-Packard Company14. IBM Corporation15. Identacor16. ILANTUS Technologies17. Intel Corporation18. Microsoft Corporation19. Nervepoint Technologies20. Okta 21. Onelogin Inc.22. Optimal IdM23. Oracle Corporation24. Ping Identity Corporation25. Pirean Software26. Portadi

More than 30 companies are profiled in this report

G. Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

What can you expect from the report?

The Cloud Identity Access Management Market Report is prepared with the main agenda to cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories2. Market Trends3. Manufacturer Landscape4. Distributor Landscape5. Pricing Analysis6. Top 10 End User Analysis7. Product Benchmarking8. Product Developments9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis10. Patent Analysis11. Demand Analysis (By Revenue & Volume)12. Country level Analysis (15+)13. Competitor Analysis14. Market Shares Analysis15. Value Chain Analysis16. Supply Chain Analysis17. Strategic Analysis18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis19. Opportunity Analysis20. Revenue and Volume Analysis


Does IndustryARC publish country, geography, or application–based reports in Cloud Identity Access Management ?

Yes, we do have separate reports and database as mentioned below:1. Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023) 2. Americas Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023) 3. Europe Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023) 4. Asia Pacific Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023) 5. Rest of the world Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023)6. Private Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023) 7. Public Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023)8. Hybrid Cloud Identity Access Management Market (2018-2023)

Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customizations:

1. Increase the level of data in application or end user industry.2. Increase the number of countries in geography or product chapter.3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies that are of interest to you4. Company profiles can be requested based on your interest.5. Patent analysis, pricing, product analysis, product benchmarking, and value and supply chain analysis can be requested for a country or end use segment.

Any other major customizations can be discussed with our team. We can also provide you with a separate quote based on your requirements. You can drop an e-mail to to learn more about our consulting services.

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